STEINHAUS Company's History

Steinhaus is the first manufacturer in Germany to produce and market fresh Gyoza, thus expanding the international range of freshly chilled pasta products.

This year Steinhaus is celebrating its 175-years‘ birthday. Owing to the positive company’s performance Steinhaus was able to expand its manufacturing capacities at Remscheid and is proud of its most modern fresh pasta production line worldwide. The expansion of the production area even gives room for more successful growth.

Commissioning of a new warehouse with consignment sale at Tenter Weg. Building and commissioning an own logistic center for storage and consignment sale, Steinhaus continues to firmly stand by the company’s site at Remscheid-Lennep.

With the construction of a new warehouse for semi-finished products Steinhaus expands at his company site Remscheid.

Closing down the chain stores and placing the focus on the core business.

Construction of a new high-tech production area for fresh pasta and sauces specialties at the company’s site Remscheid-Lennep. The herewith implied capacity expansion gives volume for new developments of trendy convenience ideas and above average growth.

Operating under the name of Ox, Steinhaus manages a production company for best pasture ox meat in Ireland. Supplied are quality-orientated handicraft enterprises and first-class serve-over counters of the food retailing.

Development of the original Steinhaus crusty roast. Until today this roast has been standing for the strict quality assurance of Steinhaus roast specialties. The crisp crust and the unmistakable roast taste have been making it to an unforgettable taste adventure.

Owed to Mr. Karl-Ullrich und Mr. Eckhard Steinhaus‘ innovation capacities the company today  is commemorated the fresh pasta pioneer in Germany. With launching fresh pasta and sauce specialties Steinhaus develops new terrain and creates a second important foothold of the company.

Karl-Ullrich and Eckhard Steinhaus, Karl Steinhaus‘ sons, take over the company  management.

With the aim to combine highest handicraft skill and up-to-date technologies, the at that time most modern manufacturing company for meat and sausage products in Germany is built on a property area of 32.000 m2. Among experts Mr. Karl Steinhaus is highly recognized as "Wurst-Professor", what reflects knowledge and wide experience of a grandseigneur of the meat industry.

Taking over 9 butchery outlets in North Rhine-Westphalia the distribution of Steinhaus specialties is supra-regionally expanded.

Along with the time of the economic miracle the consumer demand for premium sausage and meat products from our region, the „Bergisches Land” increases continuously. The construction of a handicraft production area at Röntgen’s city Remscheid-Lennep makes Steinhaus further growing.

At the age of 30 years Karl Steinhaus, grandson of the company’s founder, succeeds his father. With his prospective ideas, his incomparable commitment and pursuit of utmost quality he provides the basis for a stormy development.

Paul Steinhaus takes over his father’s company. With a newly opened butchery in the historic center of Remscheid-Lennep he continues its successful development.

In the middle of the „Bergisches Land“ Johann-Peter Steinhaus founds at Bergisch Born an ox and pork butchery with an affiliated tavern and lays the headstone for the successfully managed family-owned company in its 5th generation so far.