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For more than 170 years we successfully have committed ourselves to a consistent growth in quality for the manufacture of fresh food. And always with the aim to protect our family-owned company and the jobs.

In doing so, our employees have been playing a decisive role since the very beginning. Only with their unlimited dedication and their high degree of identification with the company we are in a position to convince our customers of our principles:

Quality, Reliability, Efficiency, Pioneering Spirit.

Together we want to have an impact on the convenient fresh market. Every day we manufacture excellent roasts and sausages, fresh pasta and sauces for people who enjoy food in Germany and in more than ten other countries.

Being a family-owned company, we feel responsible for our environment and consequently for the next generations. We, the members of the Steinhaus team, comprehend ourselves as an active part of our society. Together we support many social projects – with our money and with our time.

We would be glad to have familiarized you a little bit more with our Steinhaus world and wish you now a lot of fun when browsing in our website and getting appetite.

Anja Steinhaus-Nafe         Stefan Mallwitz  
Managing Director                Chairman of the Worker’s Council

Leitlinie für nachhaltigeres Wirtschaften bei STEINHAUS

Our task and our challenge are to check and balance all our decisions not only under economic but also under social and ecological aspects and then act correspondingly. On the way to more sustainability we want to recognize the interaction of economic, ecological and social resources and coordinate them all within a balanced structure. We want to take over responsibility so that future generations can also adequately fulfill their needs. An essential component of this development to more sustainability is our sustainability management system helping us to continuously improve our sustainable performance. For this purpose we set ourselves targets, assure that we dispose of the necessary resources to meet them and let have audited them by external experts. Our guideline for sustainable management is geared to the German sustainability code, the Bundtland definition, the UN human rights charter as well as to the cooperation with research and development.

Our performance is affected by respect and appreciation towards employees, customers, suppliers and all our stakeholder groups. We aspire to a fair and long-term relationship to our business partners featured by fairness, trust and reliability. We want to have an open and constructive dialogue with our different stakeholder groups. In this connection we want to get to know the needs and expectations of the stakeholder groups and explain our own point of view. Following guidelines determine our common behaviour in the company:

  • Respect
    We treat each colleague the way we want to be treated ourselves.
  • Responsibility
    Everybody of us takes over responsibility for his duties und consequently for the company’s overall success.
  • Communication
    We listen and talk to each other frankly and honestly.

A company is as good as its employees are!

Therefore we see qualified and motivated employees to be the pillars of our company.  Allemployees are  equal, to whom we give challenges and chances independent from the colour of their skin, their gender or religion.

We keep an eye on the demographic trend and the human plurality. With specific advanced vocational education we support the qualification of our employees to recognize individual responsibility potential for improvement. Within our system “Kontinuierlicher VerbesserungsProzess” (Continuous Improvement Process) all employees are invited to submit proposals and ideas for improvements.

Our demand is to organize the working conditions in a way that they contribute to the individual satisfaction of our employees whereby the preservation of health is of special importance to us. Beyond the valid legal regulations we account for recommendations of professional associations and present offers for maintaining the individual performance, especially for senior employees.

We offer individual solutions such as part-time work, release from work and vacation to overcome difficult phases of life.

We feel ourselves to be an active part of the society. Together we support many social projects – with our money and with our time. Our social commitment to support children and young persons in our region is very close to our heart.

Furthermore we are actively engaged in relevant associations and organizations. We counteract bribery as core of corruption as well as granting or accepting an undue advantage or price agreements against competition. We transparently act towards parties, agencies and institutions.

Permanent quality on its highest level is the basis for our success. Our ambition is to guarantee our quality promise without restrictions. The Steinhaus quality guarantee: Less is more (Short Label). More taste and less additives: this is for us not only a flowery phrase.Therefore our products are

  • without flavour enhancer
  • without food colouring
  • without preserving agents (except sodium nitrite for meat and sausages, because this is       technologically necessary)
  • without artificial flavouring agents

Our compliance with legal regulations for food labelling goes without saying. In addition, we think it very important to communicate responsibly, honestly and frankly with the consumers. We consciously and to the best of our knowledge make no misleading statements about features or qualities of our products.


Being a meat processing company we are aware of our responsibility towards animals. However, we also know that we are not in a market position to initiate a fundamental change as to animal welfare when purchasing meat. Therefore we decided to associate ourselves with the QA-Initiative for animal welfare and continue to buy pork only originating from QA-certified companies.


With our decision to exclusively produce with controlled free-range eggs Steinhaus was awarded in 2011 for or performance of animal welfare “Das Goldene Ei (The Golden Egg)”. Moreover, we are permanently in contact to our egg suppliers and support projects for animal welfare and biodiversity.

The quality idea is an important part of the entire chain of economic value added. The input of safe and first class raw materials as well as a gentle processing constitute the basis for high-quality and safe products.

Some essential raw material and packagings of our products are regionally available, i.e. near to our company. If the quality of the raw material meets our expectations, we put a high value on the regionalism when taking our buying decisions. This way we like to contribute that jobs are kept safe, to strengthen our region and to keep the CO2 emissions as less as possible by short transport ways.